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Dejimon Sutōrī Saibā Surwūsu (Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth), RPG, 2015

Developer: Media Vision

Publisher: Bandai Namco Entertainment

Damageable vehicles: ?

PS4PS Vita

Pictures for this video game were provided by: Mieguy

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Mieguy DE (140)

2016-07-03 00:01

Cutscenes are not done by the people behind the Digimon animation series. They were created by Kamikazedouga, specializing in video game cut scenes. Their work is pretty unknown in europe.

An example is this short movie:

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Klumb3r CL (513)

2016-07-03 01:10


Mieguy DE (140)

2016-07-04 02:39

Its a pretty good game but it has its downsides. I have to admit that i am a total noob at Digimon. When i was young i watched Tamers and Frontier (Season 3 and 4), but at most i didnt understand the story so well. To begin this game i watched some anime episodes, just to get the feeling about this. I am not so much into JRPGs, but this game gets me. Here is my experience:


+ Easy-to-learn
+ You can train Digimons from all Seasons!
+ Its quite addictive to level them up and digivolutionize them


- PS Vita graphics even on PS4
- Too long dialoges which can't be skipped... (typical for Japanese video games!)
- ... that explain a too complex story

Just to mention it: You can't freely move the camera around, so i can only take the shots as they come.

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Speedevil BE (157)

2016-07-06 14:27

Small question, if the game's name is written in English, why is it written in phonetic Japanese here? I mean, it's supposed to be English, just written with kenjis so that people understand it.

Mieguy DE (140)

2016-07-06 16:55

You mean that both languages are on the same cover? I am not sure, maybe a marketing thing...

They did this on other game covers as well. And also remember the fact that "Digimon" (in english) is still the official name of the series.

Speedevil BE (157)

2016-07-06 20:16

What I mean is that Dejimon Sutōrī Saibā Surwūsu is just Digimonstory Cybersleuth transliterated in Japanese. So I don't really understand why we wrote it this way here.

Mieguy DE (140)

2016-07-06 22:56

We also do this on IMCDb. The original title is the title of the games country.

Speedevil BE (157)

2016-07-06 23:58

Mieguy wrote We also do this on IMCDb. The original title is the title of the games country.

But the Japanese cover also has the English name written on it.

Anyway, this isn't a big deal.

Mieguy DE (140)

2016-07-10 10:36

Looks like this page is finished for now. After a very weird subway level i now enter an abstract city level. There might be some new cars, But i dont believe it. Lets check it.

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