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Test Drive 6, Racing, 2000

Developer: Xantera

Publisher: Cryo Interactive Entertainment

Damageable vehicles: ?

Tracks or places: view them

Gameboy Color

Pictures for this video game were provided by: JFK , I NEED NAWZZZ

Test Drive 6, 2000


victorvance DE (315)

2015-04-02 00:06

I created this page because some cars were added to the other version of Test Drive 6 (Windows, Playstation and Dreamcast) by mistake as it is a different game. Some cars are still missing here since the MobyGames entry mentions 12 cars.

neddo (4)

2015-05-06 20:42

Basically all missing 7 cars here: Cuda, TT, Shelby Cobra, Shelby Series 1, Esprit V8, Cerbera and Viper race car

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