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Black Mesa, First Person Shooter (FPS), 2019

Developer: Crowbar Collective

Publisher: Crowbar Collective

Damageable vehicles: Yes


Pictures for this video game were provided by: Kirov-MG

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stryder237 EN (3)

2013-02-19 17:12

Should this be added? Isn't it just a mod?

victorvance DE (314)

2013-02-19 17:19

It is listed as an own game at .
The correct developers name is:"Black Mesa Modification Team"! Please change.

Kirov-MG RU (43)

2013-02-19 17:30

stryder237 wrote Should this be added? Isn't it just a mod?

It is a stand-alone game like Killing Floor.

-- Last edit: 2013-02-19 17:31:57

Kecske HU (44)

2013-02-19 17:44

The pictures I uploaded before this entry got deleted:

Kirov-MG RU (43)

2013-02-19 17:53

Well, I just complete atricle about land vehicles in this game. LAV-25 uploaded two minutes ago.

Flippedoutkyrii CA (36)

2018-04-21 04:31

I believe recent updates added in new vehicle,s primarily from L4D2.

I'll need to play through it again to make sure though.

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