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Toy Story 2: Buzz Lightyear to the Rescue, Adventure, 1999

Developer: Traveller´s Tales

Publisher: Activision

Damageable vehicles: No

Gameboy ColorNintendo 64PCPSPS3Dreamcast

Pictures for this video game were provided by: Gamer

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Gamer DE (72)

2013-01-30 14:47

Where is the Sharan I added?

victorvance DE (314)

2013-01-30 20:59

Suokukko wrote Higher-quality cover pic:

Please use this.

I would support that! :lol:

Tycek PL (169)

2013-01-30 21:09


victorvance DE (314)

2013-01-31 09:47

Ahhh, much better!

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