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Hitman: Absolution, Third Person Shooter (TPS), 2012

Developer: IO Interactive

Publisher: Square Enix

Damageable vehicles: No

PCPS3XBox 360

Pictures for this video game were provided by: Mark0 , robi

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Ozziej123 EN (0)

2012-12-09 22:46

What is the Black Hurst looking car in the desert part???

Ozziej123 EN (0)

2012-12-10 23:59

??? please help... I have a bet on it!..

TA-caprice-XI SX (8)

2013-01-06 23:19

This game was as underwhelming as I expected, but it was still decent enough; and I got it for half price, so I can't really complain.

victorvance DE (314)

2013-02-25 10:01

Ozziej123 wrote ??? please help... I have a bet on it!..

If you are still looking for it, the car was identified as a Mercury Eight.

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