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The Last Stand - Dead Zone, Strategy, 2012

Developer: Con Artist Games

Publisher: ?

Damageable vehicles: ?


Pictures for this video game were provided by: M@xtimot

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M@xtimot FR (218)

2012-11-18 22:43

I've made a mistake about the platform: it's a browser game, not a "PC" game.

carcrasher88 US (20)

2012-11-28 21:28

(sigh)...guys, you know what to do...

-- Last edit: 2012-11-28 21:28:21

gtrfan UK (0)

2012-11-30 08:42

gtrfan wrote Omg how can a top down game be scary and there are some games that are 100s times bloddyer than this

Maltravers RU (8)

2012-11-30 08:54

Ignore him. And please, help me with this truck if you can.

M@xtimot FR (218)

2012-12-02 16:48

@gtrfan: I think that the previous The Last Stand were scarier than this one (if you consider that a flash game can be scary), because they were only playable solo and more focused on the survival.

Actually, TLS: Dead Zone is more based on the management and also you CAN'T die (unlike the others from this series where you're eaten alive if you fail).

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