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ADVAN Racing, Racing, 1998

Developer: Atlus Co., Ltd.

Publisher: Atlus Co., Ltd.

Damageable vehicles: No

Tracks or places: view them


Pictures for this video game were provided by: RVR72GV , GroupB

ADVAN Racing, 1998



RVR72GV ID (257)

2012-07-10 08:12

More proper pics coming soon :V

TakuFD3S ID (9)

2012-07-10 08:12


RVR72GV ID (257)

2012-07-10 08:44

Derp, seems the front wheels sometimes went off-place in the car selection screen :V

Looks like most JGTC cars (except Advan's own team, it seems) aren't licensed (notice how the ZEXEL team's logo changed to Atlus); what a shame.

-- Last edit: 2012-07-10 09:39:52

ilyaracer ID (4)

2012-07-10 10:20

I played this game a few months ago. Not bad, but a bit bland. Car choice is a mighty 10/10

NFSRacer0210 (10)

2012-07-10 15:46

Are these cars licensed?

RVR72GV ID (257)

2012-07-10 16:08

NFSRacer0210 wrote Are these cars licensed?

I'm not sure, but seeing those non-Advan teams got their livery slightly different to the original....

RacingFreak TW (99)

2012-07-10 17:23

So cant you add replay mode screenshots than car selection?

RVR72GV ID (257)

2012-07-11 04:11

I'll start replacing stuffs soon, as well as completing the page (some cars are missing)

ItsaUserName EN (69)

2012-07-11 15:55

Wow! This is the first time I have ever seen JTCC in a video game.

RacingFreak TW (99)

2012-07-11 17:54

Much better now m8 ;)

GroupB US (631)

2013-06-07 02:03

Submitted 6 of the prize cars. There are 14 in total, ranging from an old R30 Skyline all the way up to the McLaren F1.

ItsaUserName EN (69)

2013-06-08 12:12

Do you know how to get the remaining 8?

GroupB US (631)

2013-06-08 22:24

Yeah, just gotta progress through the game. I'll be adding them as they come in.

GroupB US (631)

2013-06-18 06:24

Submitted 3 more prize cars. There are 4 cars left to go (2 each JGTC & JTCC) as well as 1 unlockable track (Motegi Oval)

sosone333 ME (0)

2014-02-01 00:31

Please can you tell me how to unlock those cars. Tried everything in quick race mode and still nothing. In advan mode reached to 2/8/26-year/month/day and got only 9 cars more(mc f1, ferr f50, jag xj220, and 6 more nc2 and nc3), how to unlock them in quick race mod?

GroupB US (631)

2014-02-01 01:25

You have to reach STC PRO and SSC PRO in Advan Mode and win the respective championships. Reaching pro is based on how well you do in the various tests and events where you are using the Advan-branded racing cars. I remember getting STC PRO rather quickly, but SSC PRO seemed to take so long I wondered if something was wrong.

The STC prize cars are:
HKS-VEC: JTCC Opel Vectra (shown on this site as it appears as an AI car)
ING-CAL: JTCC Opel Calibra
AUT-318: JTCC BMW 3-series

The SSC prize cars:
KGS-ERS: JGTC Eunos Roadster (Mazda MX-5)
There doesn't appear to be a 3rd one, unless some conditions have gone unmet so far for the 5 people in the world who have played this game.

-- Last edit: 2014-02-01 01:34:08

sosone333 ME (0)

2014-02-01 11:19

Thanks guys. Really loved that game back in '98 on ps1. Just wondering how that guy unlocked 19 STC cars in quick race mode, what did he do?
Can you please send me your save game? Thanks in advance

Bob Simbel IT (0)

2015-08-24 01:46

Advan Racing

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