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I Am Alive, Adventure, 2012

Developer: Ubisoft Shanghai

Publisher: Ubisoft

Damageable vehicles: No

PCPS3XBox 360

Pictures for this video game were provided by: Star Wars Fanatic , TA-caprice-XI

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ACE the ultimatum FI (37)

2012-04-09 05:54

Seems to be a Survive The Apocalypse game.

stryder237 EN (3)

2012-04-09 12:10

Is a survive the apocalypse game. I've played the trial and its Ok. Interesting idea, but a bit slow.

Star Wars Fanatic EN (487)

2012-04-09 17:34

I found it a refreshing change, though it's quite similar to the Disaster Report series on the PS2.

TA-caprice-XI SX (8)

2012-06-24 03:24

Added a few more vehicles,; not the best image quality, but it'll do for now.

Star Wars Fanatic EN (487)

2012-09-09 18:12

This is now out on PC if anyone is able to get some better shots.

Mark0 RB (597)

2012-09-24 21:07

I got this game alongside Borderlands 2. So if you still want to replace pictures i can do it.

Star Wars Fanatic EN (487)

2012-09-24 23:29

Go for it!

Kirov-MG RU (43)

2012-11-20 20:34

Very boring game.

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